Apr 24 2015

What methods does lee use to present the characters and events in this part of the trial?

Mr Ewell has been compared to a red little rooster “once more he was a red little rooster.” Mr Ewell has been compared with a red little roost as red can represent hate, anger and the warning of death as the color red symbolises blood which is foreshadowing death of Mr. Ewell later on in the novel. This is also reflecting upon Mr Ewell personality, who is out for blood for atticus who has humiliatied him before. The rooster represents pride  as the rooster are known for all ways keeping there head up high and never if not hardly changing their demnaure although this rooster is also described as  little which is an juxtaposition. As Harper lee is hinting that Mr Ewell is actually a coward.

Apr 11 2015

IGCSE Coursework: Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing

The Attic

It’s night. It begins to rain outside. The full-moon is now tucked away in a pillow of clouds, with only a faint glimmer of light outside. I can  hear the sharp flowing sheets of liquid making a noise on our roof. I hear howls from the attic. I know of the demon that creeps within and slowly, like a tear a puddle is formed on my ceiling it’s as if the attic is calling, if not crying for help, with each howl it had made.

The attic above contains a monster, this is what I hear from the old night-time stories read to me. I have grew weary with each fault and flaw that is above me. Every night I hear its dreaded breath like a passing wind, the wooden floor boards of the above came with a squeak after each howl and left me wanting to have a peek. But, no door nor stair can take you there , its stand alone at its own high tower.

I do not know what dwells in the attic above, but I hear of its mischievous deeds from my parents, they speak as if they seen it before.”What’s up in the attic?” I ask them. They did not know, as they had not gone up there for a long while. But yet they state in confidence. “There are many things up there, such as antiques, paintings and old relics.” They even went far as to say “It’s perfectly safe to go up there.” However I was in doubt of that fact. They were very dismissive of the beast which I had asked about and with that, I had ended the parade of my questionings. They had also said “I would surely find something rewarding in the attic if I was to go.” So I sought  to see for myself, perfectly safe they said, and perfectly safe it will be, I hope. It is now 12 o’clock midnight.

Stepping closer to the entrance of the high tower I see with a closer inspection, that it is only an attic. I say this to myself to only reassure all my past fears were a delusion dreamt by me, the me who had believed such old stories told by my parents with such folly. I grab the metallic ladder which laid upon the wall of rot unhesitatingly. Everyone is asleep and I’m alone, not knowing what I’m doing, I only went through the motions, unfolding the ladder, placing it securely in place, turning on my flash-light and then, the light shone upon the attic door.

The door handle of the attic is embezzled in bronze diamond-like shapes, with what would have seemed to be done by a skilled craftsman. Then I realized, I saw beauty in what I should have surely feared.

Disorientated, I have failed to realize what I’m doing, my goal long now vague of what I am fearing, now with night becoming day, I see not the entrance to a dark abyss, but to a normal attic door, it’s like a puzzle becoming solved. Slowly releasing the uneasiness from my breath I looked at the attic with a vivid gaze of acceptance.

I had begun to climb up the ladder. I felt the uneasiness once running through my veins dissipating. One foot then the next, I went up, with only the silence to comfort me, after each step I took.  Suddenly I found myself at the attic door. I opened it without a blink of hesitance. I had always wondered what was in there, the fearful beast or the wonderful old antiques and beautiful paintings I heard from my parents, and so…the day of reckoning has arrived and for me to see, in what I hoped to be beauty.

Bewildered by the scene around me in the attic, I had saw beauty in what was not. What I saw was nothing more than a large amount of decay, the beautiful paintings, the antiques, the things that I have long forgotten and my hope were all left in decay of rot.

The large beams which held up this prideful attic, now begins to crumble away. The dent in roof had allowed strips of light to pass through, and then, I saw the full view of the room around me.  Strangely, I came to realize next to me there are 21 old  pawn chess pieces lied next to me. Looking across the room I came to notice, the walls are covered in moss, I could see the termites crawling in the wooden wet floor boards and ahead of me, was the paintings I heard so much about, covered in a wet damp mould. Bits of dust and leaves were scattered all around the attic, which I can only suspect came in from the openings of the roof.

But now how did I feel about this attic? Was it fear? No, for the monster no longer exists. Perhaps, some sort of joyfulness? It’s neither that, as the paintings I wanted to see are now ruined. Maybe it’s only sympathy, sympathy for this poor old attic. Is this…my reward?

Jan 7 2015

IGCSE Coursework: Second Response

Dear editor of the Guardian.

In this response, I shall explain why I disagree with Russell Brand’s views on our democratic system. As I think his views on our political system is inaccurate as he has presented rash solutions . I will challenge Russell Brand’s views of his quest on this, proposed revolution and how it is a wrong way to approach the political system.

In the article Russell Brand states that “Democracy is irrelevant.” I disagree with his opinion, as democracy is not irrelevant in anyway. Democracy is way of resolving many problems that may dwell in society without resorting in civil wars or violence. It encourages participation as it shows that people’s votes determine the way the government is run. Mr. Brand also states that ” The only reason to vote is if the vote represents power or change. I don’t think it does.” I disagree, as its representing that power dwell within the people who vote. This is shown by countries without a voting system, an example of this is Ukraine, which had fought for democracy for many years and now it’s a democracy, they even considered themselves a more unified country than ever before, with a much stronger sense of national identity.

Russell Brand, himself ,states that “I don’t know, the reason not voting could be effective. ” and also states  “My opinions are a results of decades of drug abuse”  Russell Brand does not make very effective arguments, but he has made points to a targeted audiences where the more unfortunate of people, who don’t feel like they have a say in the democracy can relate to Russell Brands views, since he is trying to represent the minority, so by sharing the fact that he is a drug abuser will help readers to sympathize with him more as a person. However this does not help from a political perspective, as this shows he is not familiar with it. Russell Brand uses anecdotes to persuade his readers, to show where he as a person started from. This is an effective way to persuade the readers, it helps them relate to his real life experience. This involves and interest the readers, as anecdotes are true stories that can be very convincing as well as believable. This adds authenticity to what he’s write since it shows genuine passion for what he’s talking about. Russel gains adds authority since he has experience these inequalities, instilling emotive and personal depth to what he is saying which can be considered a way to entice his readers.

Russell Brand has exaggerated many political problems and stated that “Egypt and Easter islands the incubated ruling elites, who had forgotten that we are one interconnected people,destroyed their societies by not sharing. This is, what’s happening now.” He has compared the situations of Egypt and the Eater islands dictatorships to the UK, this is a exaggeration as  Egypt’s situations is more drastic as they had the same leader for 40 years, whilst our selected-leader is changed every 5 years, unless they are to be re-elected again.

What Russell Brand has said, was dangerous and ill-advised, as people are still dying all over the world for the right to vote and he’s just dismissed all of this with “ The impact of voting is negligible” its a gift that we have the right to vote in this country. He didn’t present any solutions to the problems he has presented, so how are his comments actually helping young people who feel disengaged in our political system as it is ? Russell has only expressed biased views against democracy, stating that voting is unnecessary as it has no meaning to the way the country is governed.

“That depends on them? The system that we are invited to vote for? Of course not, that’s why I won’t vote. That’s why I support the growing revolution.” Russell Brand uses a lot of rhetorical questions throughout this article, which is used to get the readers to think and to realise how are current democratic system is not unified, for such reason he wishes not to vote, however this creates more of a rift in the UK system, which is no revolution. He has used persuasive devices such as question marks to subtly influence his readers and to answer his proposed questions, which could cause the reader to doubt our political system.

Russell Brand should better educate himself in politics since he is not solving any key issues and to say“ There’s no point in voting.” is not helpful  so instead he should try to encourage young people to vote more and to get involved, instead of causing this rift as he says “The facts are the facts and problem is the problem.” and Russell brand is the problem and he is only causing more “disparity” which is a fact. I may have been biased myself but an article, for democracy by me and article for the cons of democracy by Russell Brand, should help the undecided to become decided.


Joseph Babalola-Davies

Jan 2 2015

IGCSE Coursework: Speaker’ Cornner

Have you ever been bombarded with a ludicrous amount of internet pop-ups whilst you were surfing the internet? Well if you have been, then you are a victim of ” Mad pop-up syndrome.” This is where pop-ups keep popping one after another on your web browser, if this has happened to you, then you have my dearest sympathies.

Internet advertisements can be very irritating and can be a pay in the neck. We have all been a victim of them at least once in our lifetime when surfing the web. This has happened to me when I was checking my email after I had clicked on one simple link, it had then made my computer screen become filled with all these advertisements, which had resulted my computer to crash as a result.

Some people may say that ads help our economy to grow, as ads are online 24/7, so there’s a constant exposure, which allows people the opportunity to see potential deals and to keep buying online things due its convenience. But to me this is a way to keep us hostage in our rooms, to get us to keep on buying these ridiculous products, products we may not even need. This is a psychological  ploy to get us to buy these useless and faulty online merchandise.

According to the Telegraph, the UK spends £4.8 billion on internet advertising on average, and in 2012 the UK had spent £5 billion on advertising alone, according to the Guardian. I understand this helps firms make more money due there being more exposure, however 95% of firms use internet ads as a means of promotion. Its bad enough they have spent £5 billion in advertising alone, where as they could use such a vast amount of money on other things, instead of these annoying pop ads. Even TV ads would better as they are less questionable in comparison, as the internet has many untrustworthy deals.

These days there are ads everywhere, on the streets, signs, billboards and even in your own home, yes your home and now your computer has literally become a window to advertisements. Ads offer you seemingly good deals, but with obscure fine prints. They may have invaded our homes , streets and practically our daily lives but don’t let them hold you hostage, ads present themselves in a convincing manner and use propaganda to get their way.

We live in the digital age, where there is more advertising than ever before. This has even started on our own phones and mobile apps. More firms have spent more money to advertise on phone applications, in fact advertising has increased by 157% since 2011. This has been quite devastating to us since now all business are trying to scam us out of our money via ads. Many more firms are advertising on apps we use and play, such as an app I “used” to play which is called Subway Surfers. You may have noticed every time before you start this wondrous game, there is a dreaded ad with an X icon ,being equivalent size to a pin head. it’s so small you can hardly touch it and it’s too close to the ad that you will accidentally click on it, which then opens up pages and pages of nonsensical advertising. However this is not the worst of things, the developers of Subway surfers themselves, prompt you to watch their ads in exchange for coins, people such as me have been enticed with the idea of receiving these coins to buy their “rarest items.” I find watching their adverts quite tedious to get 100 coins ,which honestly is not worth much in in-game money.

YouTube have used a similar “technique” to get you to watch, or force  you to endure through their adverts. Before Google, YouTube 2 years ago didn’t have any adverts, it was a simpler time when pop-ups weren’t a constant reminder of how greedy multi-billion corporations were for your money. Ever since Google had bought YouTube for £1.6 billion, YouTube had change for the better and for the worse. Google had place pre-loading  adverts, which will force you to watch often from, 30-45 seconds of ads and you’ll find it in once in a blue moon that you’ll see a skip add button in the bottom right corner of the ad.

As for Google or should I refer to Gmail, it’s great but yet you find it rarely, that your inbox is empty. It’s always filled with junk mail from Google play store as Google is trying to promote their own apps . I have Gmail on my phone and every second it constantly vibrates and  I check my phone to only see a grotesque and vulgar ad, from the one and only Google. To this day I still receive these ads, unable to stop them.

I feel pop-ups shall be forever irritating and we have to suffer by the hands of internet ads, not even ad blocks can cure ” Mad pop-up syndrome” I can only hope that one day pop-ups can be completely eradicated off the Earth. Some may say internet ads are useful perhaps, they are to some extent however I feel it’s not, as for the many reasons I have given but we are all grown ups here, so lets agree to disagree on the usefulness of ads.

Nov 25 2014

To kill a mockingbird Chapter summary

The story  begins with Jem getting his arm broken. The narrators name is Scout, her father Atticus is a lawyer. Scout relationship with her father Attitus is not very close but a standard one Atticus treat his fathership to his daughter as a job. ” I found our father satisfactory: he played with us, read to us and treated us with courteous detachment.”Atticus did things as a long list of duties it was an obligation he had to fulfill and seems he had only treated as that.

chapter 2

The narrators looks forward to going to school for the first time since she’s being watching them from a far via her telescope. The narrators teacher is miss Carolina who is from North Alabama. The teacher is reading a story to the students. Miss Caroline askes the narrator to read and she is not pleased that she is able to read so good already. She than Assumes that Atticus has taught how to do so and laments since Atticus is not a licensed teacher. When in fact the narrator had taught herself via reading her father’s newspapers. Later at lunch Miss Caroline inspects everyone’s lunches but then stops at Walter who is a Cunningham then the narrator explains how the Cunningham  are poor that is why Walter did not accept the money that Miss Caroline was giving to him its because he can’t pay back.

The Cunninghams are poor since it says “The Cunninghams never took anything they can’t pay back.”


Chapter 3

The narrator tells Atticus about her first day of school which was terrible for the narrator that she’s tries to convince Atticus that she doesn’t need and Atticus does not believe her. Atticus than tells her to see from miss Carolina perspective. The narrator has matured. Atticus and Scout make an agreement to keep on reading together in secret.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4 the narrator has found a tree which there is all sorts of things inside in front of the Radley’s house. It seems that the Boo Radley is leaving these particular items


Chapter 5

Jem, Dil and Scout are playing around Boo Radley’s house and Atticus is not pleased about this and he becomes aware of there play about Arthur Radley.

Miss Maudie tells the narrator about Arthur Radley’s father who was a foot washing baptist and he was a drinker. It appears that the old Radley was a devout Catholic who spent his time indoors.

Oct 19 2014

Creative writing – Final Draft

Creating Writing

Creating Writing

“It laid there in solitude, the very essence of the unknown. It knows no bounds for it was concealed by man for they feared that deceit, lies and murder would rise, now …
I have it.”Another voice spoke “Who shall decode it.”
“Richard Armstrong, 56 years old and the former head engineer in the Mechanical Design Division for NASA… yes he will be the one to decode it.” He said “but how will you convince…”
“Worry not, Armstrong will have no choice but to. Isn’t that right…”
I was walking through the busy night city streets, there were loud noises of passing cars and the atrocious singing of drunk men walking out of an old dodgy bar called the “Wine House”, an old drinking establishment which the local folks came to relax and socialize after a hard day’s work I haven’t been there for 3 years, of course I always tried to avoid any pub, bar and drunk feller I had seen by crossing the pavement to an alleyway which became somewhat of an habit of a route I took home from the grocery store. of course the alleyway was cold and uninviting since it was wedged between two old abandon terraced houses built many years ago.Within the passageway there was a single streetlight constantly flickering but of course you couldn’t see the end of the alleyway it was 20 metres long it was dark ,scary perhaps but alas it lead straight to my house on to a open road . There was a story about someone being attacked and murdered in this alleyway but what was the chances of someone attacking in the same place as before but never the less this did happen many years ago. They say no one used the alley except for the brave and the foolish.
Suddenly a voice echoed down the alley. It was incoherent. I turned around, there was nothing but it got louder it sound like my name was being called over and over. It was faint “…rong… Arm….ng …..st…rong” my name was being called out like on a broken record. I walked with a quicker pace than ever before, there it was, a masked stranger wearing a long black jacket standing in the shadow of the alleyway .Brave and fools I thought.

The masked stranger spoke “Ah…Richard Armstrong it’s great to meet the great pioneer of Mechanical engineering.” Sounded like a French woman thought Richard.
“Gave me scare… but if excuses me I have to get home to my daug….” Richard was abruptly interrupted.
“Oh but Mr Armstrong what’s the haste you’re not going to find your beloved daughter.” The strange woman said with a light tone.
Richard paced forward with a risen voice “What?”
The masked woman pulled a gun out of her pocket and pointed it at Richard. Richard held his lip.“Aha-aha no sudden movements now Mr Armstrong” She said proactively
“Who…” right before Richard could say anything two men grabbed him from behind. one placed a black bag over his head then brought him to his knees. Richard could hear the distinct sound of high heels walking towards him the masked woman said “It’s your lucky day Mr Armstrong don’t worry this is a privilege. Inject the Promethazine.” Richard tried to escape with all might but it was only to proven futile as the men in black raised the his neck and then administered the drug while the other held down his arms the struggling

Richard slowly lost all feeling in his arms the numbness in his body was soon followed by his vision fading and his consciences dwindling his last thought.

Richard reached up and suddenly his vision began to fade. he lowered his hands and then he realized he couldn’t even hear anything not even the sound of his dying  grasping breath trying to call out with his last ounce of strength ” Help, help,help.”but not even that  he could do, finally his  vision, dyed to black Richard fell to the cold  bittering ground with a sudden thump, there was no sound for him to hear, no light for him to see, only the cold bitter darkness that awaits him. The only comfort was the sound of silence. Then he knew no more.


“…I Should have took the…main street I guess I was …just the fool…”


Richard was taken away by the men in black.


Mr North’s Comment:

Your ideas develop fairly well and you write with a certain confidence.  The vocabulary you have chosen suits your genre and you have created tension well with your dual narrative and attention to detail.  Some errors in accuracy.

To finish this piece:
1) Re-read and edit typos (look at the use of the indefinite article before vowels)
2) Make sur your use of tenses is consistent throughout.

Oct 10 2014

Othello reasearch

Iago manipulates Othello in many ways during the course of the play up until act 3 scene 3 Othello has been manipulated by Iago through the means of of Desdemona Iago makes Othello suspect Desdemona is cheating on him that his being cuckolded. Iago does this by taking control over the conversation   by implanting ideas into Othello’s head he does this without saying what he wants him to think  but by simply leading him to what he wants him to think. Iago can do this with ease since Othello is to trusting and Iago takes advantage of such exposable  weakness by simply feeding him words he wants to hear whilst he insults behind his back and calling him “The moor.” Othello by the end of act 3 scene 3 thinks of Desdemona has a corrupt  and unfaithful women and his is now fixed in his course this is scene results to the tragic end of Othello. The audience know that Iago is the enemy, Iago is one who makes the characters antagonize each other whilst he keeps his reputation seemingly true and pure whilst his actually intentions is all the more different. This effect creates dramatic irony where the audiences know whats truly going whilst the characters do not this  creates tension as well as that Shakespeare wants his audience to experience the play he wants the  audience to feel for the characters creating emotions such as anger or sympathy for the characters in this instances it is  used  to create anger at this point in the play the audience hate Iago he is the sole reason why all the events falls into a tragedy, over the course of the play Shakespeare has made Iago expose himself to the audience through soliloquies which “develops the dramatic irony.” making the audience come to hate Iago slowly.


ago has created uncertainty by saying that Desdemona had deceit her father to marry him. Othello become uncertain when he started to question things


Analysis and evaluation

2 browning poems

The laboratory ancien

The speaker in The Laboratory-Ancien Regime sounds insecure about herself because in stanza 2 4th  line ” While they laugh, laugh at me, at me fled to the drear” She feels that she is  being ridiculed.  This express her insecurity shes also expresses bigger plans ” I am here.”  She’s going to be notice or she will be notice because of her plans.

Stanza 2

He is with her; and they know that I know
Where they are, what they do: they believe my tears flow
While they laugh, laugh at me, at me fled to the drear
Empty church, to pray God in, for them! — I am here.
Stanza 10

Not that I bid you spare her the pain!
Let death be felt and the proof remain;
Brand, burn up, bite into its grace–
He is sure to remember her dying face!

She wants the king to suffer to see and remember her dying face wanting him to suffer the utmost pain this displays her sadistic side  in tormenting him this reflects her insane side wanting the poisoned  woman feel the death of pain.


Shakespeare and the literary heritage

Jun 24 2014



The article “twerking,selfie and unlike young people don’t speak like that I should know.” Written by Isabelle Kerr is written about how she hates the use of slang especially theses new words which had been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

I had disagreed with her views on slang “These are in fact the pitiful emblems of the current young generations contributions to language.” Her views on slang is that young people are heavily influencing the English language in a bad way,such as contributing words like twerking which she describes as “linguistic calamities.” Many people’s view on slang is negative they see slang as vulgar,sloppy and repetitive. I see slang as neither good or bad I simply regard slang as a matter of “progress”

Slang is short lived and inconsistent it’s always changing but all new words started of as slang. William Shakespeare is a great example of a playwright who had invented over 1700 word, words like accommodation, aerial, countless, critical and many many more. For such reason I see slang as progression of the English language, albeit I may loath using slang I genuinely do think slang such as unlike,twerking and selfie as actually words which formed from slang as new words like with William Shakespeare who invented the many words that we use today for such reason I disagree with her next remark ” Regardless, the future of the English language looks bleak.”

The authors use of slang in first paragraph “I’m so gonna unlike that selfie of her twerking Srsly though, these words make me wanna vom.” She uses slang in this paragraph to make a point or a joke about how slang sounds silly she says this in a somewhat sarcastic manner ” I,for one can only hope my generation is not remembered for being responsible for removing all the vowels responsible from seriously.” Since many of words from were shorten in her first paragraph which was used to show how ridiculous slang is the author has clearly disapproves of the use of slang she has made an effective point to show her readers how inappropriate slang sounds.

The author says in her last paragraph. “Shakespeare will be turning in his grave.” She is implying that Shakespeare will be ashamed of what has become of the English language so he will facing away in shame this is what is implied. However I disagree with this point for Shakespeare as a playwright had invented words which made his plays more expressive using new words to convey his character thoughts he used this in his plays to make it better not for the worse, he was practically the dictator of slang which undermines the point she has made.

“I actually had to Google this word.” When writing for the reason against slang one would think not to use slang to debate about slang but here she used the noun Google has a verb “to Google” Since Google is not an officially a verb it would be regarded as slang with the derived from the meaning to search in this context.

In conclusion I disagree with this article that slang are words that should not be accepted in society and that “the future of the English language looks bleak.”
I know that the future of the English language would be better for Shakespeare had contributed many words to English and now with the digital of age of texting and communicating a whole society can contribute to the progression of the English language.

Jul 1 2013

Sonnet work

I stroll along a fragrant country lane a
With honeysuckle perfume on the air – b
And feathered crooner’s warble to revere – b
Then cross a golden sea of flowing grain a
In empathy – it seems to sense my pain a
Of knowing all was done with my affair -b
Her empty meaning now the solitaire b
She cast away – betrothment all in vain. A
But oceans team with many fish to catch c
So I must up and hoist another sail d
And seek the one that really waits for me, e
For soon auspicious breezes will prevail d

In guiding forth to find a truer match: c
The one to take my hand as wife to be.e

14 lines 10 syllables

The poem metaphor is ” Then cross a golden sea of flowing grain ” the meaning of this line means that the grain is a vast sea which bears the colour gold.

This sonnet is about marriage.

In the Volta this man eventually finds his a right match or his lover to be his wife to be


How I stroll along
Looking for a perfect match
May she be a bride

Jan 20 2013

How does Napoleon keep control over the Animal Farm an through what methods that he uses corresponds with history?

How does Napoleon keep control over the Animal Farm an through what methods that he uses corresponds with history?

Napoleon is an allegory of Joseph Stalin. One of Stalin’s first decisions as the leader of the Soviet Union was to initiate the Five-Year-Plan, the first of which was accepted in 1928 for the years 1929-1933. The Plans continued in Russia up until the early 1990s, and their main goal was to rapidly industrialize the nation so that it could catch up with the West .

Napoleon had done something similar with windmill idea the windmill idea was alluding the five year plan that Stalin had thought up.

Complaints were made about the Soviet Union being industrialised too quickly Joseph Stalin replied saying ” No comrades…the must not be slacked.” and for this comrades is used in animal farm.